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In House Media is an emerging, independent micro publisher based in the North West of England. Operationally we function as a non-profit, project based co-operative. We specialise in creating original resources which are locally and lovingly produced, sympathetic to the Christian faith  and mindful of ethical values.

Our products are available to buy online and at live events. Prices are kept as low as possible - all CDs are a fiver. We regularly raise funds for our favourite charities.

While our books and music CDs have faith elements within them, underpinned by a faith in God, we hope they are gentle enough to be valued and enjoyed by those on the fringes of faith communities and beyond.

In House Media

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“Bob is involved with Christian Vision for Men as Director for England, North West. In this pacy and engaging book, Bob brings together a range of subjects that men wrestle with. Using his wisdom and experience he develops a set of tools that blokes can use to get serious about stuff. The questions and reflections provide an accessible way in to building understanding, support and encouragement, around those issues that men don’t talk enough about.

Beyond The Banter is a great resource for individuals and small groups alike”.

Michael Cooper

Christian Vision for Men

National Director, England and Scotland